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Best Carpet For Pets Boston-MA

Purchase Pet-Friendly Carpeting at A.J. Rose Carpets & Flooring!

Whether you welcome cats, dogs or any other furry creatures into your home, you need a carpeting solution that's tough enough to resist stains and wear-and-tear but still elegant enough to add personality. At A.J. Rose Carpets & Flooring, we specialize in helping pet owners find carpeting solutions that check off both of these boxes and more. We sell a wide variety of pet-friendly solutions that will stay stain- and odor-free, help you clean up fur and hair and remain perfectly safe for your pets to lounge on!

What should you look for when shopping for pet-friendly carpeting? Consider these factors:

Carpet Piles: Carpets are generally made with one of two pile types: cut and looped. Looped piles can get caught on your four-legged friend's claws or nails, causing fraying and tearing. Some pets will even chew on looped pile carpets, so always choose cut piles when possible.

Carpet Backing: From knocking over drinks to tracking mud to having the occasional accident, pets put carpets to the test when it comes to repelling liquid. The best pet-proof carpets have either gel or waterproof backing, resisting stains upfront and also holding up well in the face of hard scrubbing.  

Carpet Color: You can keep any carpet looking fresh and new with frequent cleaning, but owning pets can make that a hassle. If you want carpeting that will hide smaller stains here and there, consider going with darker patterns or colors that match your pet's coat.

Carpet Chemicals: Your pets are going to be spending lots of time on your carpets, so make sure you keep them safe! Opt for carpets that are Green Label Plus-certified or that are made specifically for pet-owners, such as Stainmaster carpets.

To learn more about the types of carpeting solutions that are available to you, visit our Saugus, Natick and Burlington carpet stores soon. We'll learn what type of carpet you need for your home, walk you through the pet-friendly options we have in stock and have you on your way in no time!