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Find Stair Runners at A.J Rose Carpets and Flooring!

If you’re ready to give your home a refreshing new look with an additional touch of comfort in the atmosphere, it may be time to invest in stair runners. Runners are perfect for increasing your house’s congenial feel and can even protect your family by covering the stairs’ smooth and slippery surface.

You don’t have to add or replace carpets in every room to create a more comfortable atmosphere – simply opt for a runner! Visit our flooring center near Boston, MA, to explore the vast selection of stair runners we offer. Our expert installation staff is ready to upgrade your living space.

Here at A.J. Rose Carpets and Flooring, we offer runners from six companies:

With our staff of carpet experts, we’ll create custom runners for your home and install them flawlessly. We use two different methods of installation – Hollywood and waterfall. The Hollywood arrangement involves tacking the runner to each stair, which requires more attention to detail but looks neater. If you choose the waterfall installation, the carpet edges are overlaid and folded over.

Hollywood vs. Waterfall Stair Installation

There are two simple procedures for installing carpet on your stairs. These methods are called the Hollywood and Waterfall approaches. Before we begin discussing the installation methods, you may need to know these terms: treads and risers. Treads are the portion of the stairs your feet step one. The risers are the back of the stairs that are perpendicular to the treads.

Hollywood Installation

This installation method involved tacking down the carpet directly to the staircase. You will be able to see the outline and detail of the treads and risers. This particular approach tends to require more detailed work than the Waterfall installation, but ends up looking clean and more tailored.

Waterfall Installation

This is the more common approach for stair installation, especially if the carpet material being installed is a thicker product. This involves laying the carpet over the edge of the tread and straight down the riser so it meets the next tread.